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Underline For The Traveller Like a destination dreamt for longtime remains in the memory of the Traveller, so Underline is charming thanks to the uniqueness of its handle made from the same front panel as a ‘’folding’’ section.
Armadio Underline For The Traveller
Band For The Designer Like ideas that take shape through the projects of the Designer, the strong image of the new Band wardrobe emphasizes the elegant sliding of a honeycomb and glass panel.
Armadio Band For The Designer
Bismark For The Cinema Director Like images shooted by a skilled Cinema Director, the Bismark mirror is reflecting our environment.
Armadio Bismark For The Cinema Director
Luxor For The Professor The historical heritage and the continuous, refined research of the Professor reflect the uniqueness of the Luxor door, whose handle is carved in the perimetral solid edge.
Armadio Luxor For the Professor
Mosaico For The Photographer Like a mosaic where the Photographer reassembles the details’ images, so the Mosaico door reassembles three wooden panels and a vertical glass insert.
Armadio Mosaico For The Photographer
Armadio Mosaico For The Photographer
Doven For The Lawyer Like a Lawyer complies with the severe respect of the laws, so the Doven door is characterized by an aesthetical prightness combined with a sober and elegant shape.
Armadio Doven For The Lawyer
Wink For The Manager Like a Manager that expresses his personality, so the panelled Wink door is expressing its style, creating a well defined geometric pattern.
Armadio Wink For The Manager
Box For The Actress Three panels assembled on aluminium profiles create a stage for the Actress exhibition.
Armadio Box For The Actress
Pull & Light For The Doctor The professionality of the Doctor allows to find the suitable cure, so the combination of sliding and hinged openings of the mixed system allows to find skilled solutions for each situation.
Armadio Pull & Light For The Doctor
Armadio Pull with flat recessed handle.
Light For The Artist The lines and colours flowing on the painting from the Artist’s hand, forms an harmonious whole like the coloured glass and aluminium on the surface of the Light door.
Armadio Light For The Artist